Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Welcome to the Pokematic, catholiccontriversy, and happy gamer Video site.
Here we will put all our videos in a convienient place. As you know, Pokematic and Happy Gamer don't upload to catholiccontriversy at youtube and catholiccontriversy and happy gamer don't upload to pokematic at metacafe. We all upload to catholiccontriversy at dailymotion, but our videos are a bit scattered and unorganized there.
Here we will embed all of our videos in an organized, easy to find, psudo site. Since we post to multiple sites, all videos will be will be shown with all players. Some videos that were made unlisted will be available here, lucky you. Due to techical issues, what would be a video will be posted here as a text review.
This is not the personal blog. If you want that, please click here for the personal blog.

We are not perfect, so there will likely be bugs. Please inform us to any issues you encounter and we will try to fix them as soon as possible.

Most recent project will be displayed here, but all others will be on specific pages.

In addition to interesting stories and videos/text, we also have other projects. These are:
your3minutes- a blog for the every day going ons in our lives.
Pokematic's Funny Pictures- Where I post funny pictures I took or just plain jokes.
CPGTV- a place where I embed some of my favorite videos of music, tv shows, or web content. I don't run ads for fear of possible copyright infringement, but will provide amazon links when applicable.
Happy Gamer Rambles- Sometimes Happy Gamer likes to ramble about something in gaming. Enjoy.
Pokematic's Humor Designs- We have a cafepress shop. Enjoy some of the funny designs.
Pokematic's Awesome Faucets- We made a collection of Bitcoin faucets. Check it out, get some free BTC, and help support our works.

Most Recent Project

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